Back in 1995 when we – Jeff, Deb and daughter Nelle – walked into this old 1854 stone warehouse we had no real idea of what we were going to do.  We saw a dirt floor, holes for windows and doors, huge timber pillars and lots of stone.  It was love at first sight.

Front of building as purchased 4 to 3 90

As often happens in life, one thing led to another and here we are!  Originally from the Twin Cities we picked up our lives and moved to Mineral Point in 1996.  Renovation began in 1997.  Eleven months later in June of 1998 we opened the Brewery Creek Brewpub Restaurant, Brewery and Bed and Breakfast Inn.   We welcome you!

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Mineral Point is a beautiful little town, full of interesting people,  running their own shops, producing their own work and living in a region of Wisconsin blessed with great beauty.  Use Brewery Creek as your starting point, to explore Mineral Point and then the wonderful area around us.   We’ve provided some useful links to help you plan your trip.

When you are done exploring, come on back to Brewery Creek, have a beer, or a glass of wine, and a bite to eat and settle in for the night.  See you soon!  Deb and Jeff Donaghue