About the Brewpub Restaurant

A word about our space

The Brewery Creek Brewpub is an intimate space with exposed stone walls, hand hewn timbers and beams, supporting posts and a beautiful bar.  You will not find another like it.  We seat about 50 including our bar seats.   As we do not have a separate bar area, on busy weekend nights, bar seating may be reserved for diners.   We call it “The big table.”  After the diners have dined, and the staff has cleaned up and gone home we close up. That way we guarantee quiet by 10:00 for our lodging guests.

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A word about our beer & wine

We brew all of our own beer here, in our own brewery.  Jeff focuses on European style ales, both modern and antique.   We also take pride in the quality of our wine offerings.

A word about our food

We make good food.

#1. Good ingredients.  There is no substitute for natural, fresh, quality ingredients. They are a cook’s best friends. If you can get them locally that’s even better.  Our tomatoes are hydroponics from Darlington; our cheeses come from local cheese producers, our ground beef and organic eggs are from local farmers while our bacon is smoked at a small meat market in Cuba City.  Our steaks are cut to our specs for us.  Coffee comes from an independent roaster down in Galena. When we have to, we drive to Madison to get our breads, fruits, herbs and vegetables that are fresh, and also those little extras not available around here.

#2.  Whenever possible, make it yourself.  We are a scratch kitchen.  This is our heart and soul.  We make our sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaises, pestos, salsas, soups, desserts, spice blends, fries, and of course the beer, from scratch, from basic ingredients. We love doing this and can’t imagine it any other way.

We’ve tried very hard to follow these principles since we opened our bright red doors in June of 1998.  Hope you’ll come and visit!