We have a modern, 15-barrel brew house.  We can make ales or lagers, but mostly it has been ales, which tend to have a more complex flavor profile.  We use a simple one step infusion mash, or more elaborate multi-temperature step mash.  After the beer is made, of course, it has to go someplace.  That’s where you come in.

Current Beers on Tap

$3.95 per 16 oz pint
$3.50 per 12 oz glass

$13.95 for a 1/2 gallon growler of Brewery Creek beer to go.  Refill is $9.95
$11.95 for a 1/2 gallon growler of Brewery Creek soda to go.  Refill is $7.95

American Wheat

A light wheat beer, but without the German esters and phenolics.  60% wheat malt, 40% European style pale malt.  22 IBU from CTZ and Hallertauer Hops.  5% ABV

Brewery Creek Pale Ale

What’s the difference between a bitter and a pale ale?   For the British, if it is on draught, it is a bitter.  If it is in a bottle, it is a pale ale.  Americans don’t make the distinction so you can call this one either and we’ll bring it to you!  British Maris Otter and crystal malts, flaked corn.  5% ABV.  35 IBU from US and Styrian Goldings Hops.

London Porter

London, the official birthplace of Porter.  A bit more malt forward than our Scottish Porter.  80% Martis Otter pale malt, the balance being crystal, amber, chocolate, black.  4.5% ABV.  35 IBU From CTZ and Perle.


A lighter beer or ale with about 25% to 30% lemonade added.  Such combinations are traditional in countries with a beer culture and take many forms with different names.   They are called “Der Radler” in Germany or “Rus” when made with a wheat beer.  Whatever the name,  they are a nice refreshing drink, especially popular in warmer weather.


Growler of Brewery Creek Beer:  1/2 gallon of Brewery Creek beer to go in our no deposit, no return, refillable growler.    $13.95.  Refill – $9.95.

Growler of Brewery Creek Home Made Root Beer:  1/2 gallon of Brewery Creek home made root beer to go in our no deposit, no return, refillable growler.