Five Ways to Beat the Heat

It’s hot. It’s v. hot, in fact. So we asked our kitchen crew — which is used to working in 90-degree-plus temps year-round — to share their tips for beating the heat. In no particular order, here’s their best advice:


Adam says:

Wear cotton. Only Mitchell wears synthetic materials in our kitchen, but we all assume he’s trying to cut weight for next season.

Tom says:

Eat spicy food. Science/google says spicy food can actually help cool the body. That’s why we feature spicy specials on hot nights.

Dalton says:

Don’t be afraid to raid the freezer. Once in a while, a certain red-headed server leaves ice cream sandwiches for the kitchen crew. Score!

Katelyn says:

Find yourself a well-air conditioned space and hunker down.

Elliot says:

Drink Brewery Creek beer.

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