(In no particular order!)

Pets allowed?

  • Unfortunately, no.  Some of the motels in the area have facilities designed with pets in mind.

Pets in the building?

  • Yes! Pete is our three legged white tomcat. You will see his picture on this site.  He lives in our apartment and, weather permitting, he goes outside for a few hours, then comes back in. “Lucky”, short for Lakshmi, is a feral feline we rescued from a snow drift a few winters ago. She too lives in the apartment. The slightest sound and she races off to hide in a closet.

Bar Noise?

  • We are not a bar. We are first and foremost a restaurant that makes it own beer. With Inn accommodations above the restaurant our solution to potential noise problems has been to take our last orders no later than 8:30 (on weekends). We are completely closed and locked up NLT 10:00. When the restaurant operates, you can hear some sounds from below, but few people have found it objectionable. If you want to nap during the day or go to bed before 10:00, your best choice would be Rooms 5, 6 and 7 are on the Third Floor.

What is there to do in Mineral Point?

  • It sort of depends on what you’d like to do and what time of the year you are coming. Check out some of the information in other places on our web site as well as visiting the Mineral Point Web site. Mineral Point itself is charming, with numerous small artisan galleries and other interesting shops. There are also the historic sites of Pendarvis, Orchard Lawn and the Railway Depot. Plus there are the attractions in surrounding areas, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen and the American Players Theater in Spring Green, House on the Rock and Governor Dodge State Park just north of us and Little Norway and Cave of the Mounds only slightly further a field. Galena is less than an hour away as are Madison and Dubuque. If you like exercise biking, our county roads can’t be beat. Or if you just like to look at bucolic country scenery drive some of our back roads. Of course Brewery Creek itself offers lots to do, including eating good food, drinking good beer and relaxing in your room.

“Where did you get that bar?”

  • “Where did you get that bar?” is perhaps the question we hear most frequently and for good reason. It is truly beautiful. The answer to the question? We got it from an antique dealer in Minneapolis and brought it to Mineral Point after a search for an old bar that was less than 9 feet tall. We hope you enjoy it. (When we get bored we make up stories …. “It came over on the Titanic”… “I have a whole barn full of them”… “It was just left on the curb after one City Wide Garage Sale”… “From China, they’re inflatable with a regular bicycle pump”…. you get the idea)

Open all year?

  • All year. Yes! For the restaurant that does not mean EVERY DAY all year. When things slow down in the late Fall we adjust our restaurant hours accordingly. That’s one of the reasons we have been able to stay in business since 1998. The Inn is always open for lodging, but the restaurant has seasonal hours so check the “Hours” page. Our lodging facilities are open seven days a week all year long with some restrictions around holidays. If you want to spend the night in Mineral Point, we are here for you.


  • We have WiFi in the building (and parking lot next to the building). Very few of our guests have any problem connecting. We have friends who sit out in the parking lot once in a while to access the net. That said, once in a while someone can’t get on-line. I’m no computer expert so all I can say is it must be something in your settings, or sun spots, or something in the abandoned lead mines deep beneath Mineral Point.

Awk!!  Where can I eat in Mineral Point?

  • It’s one of those days or nights when the Brewery Creek Restaurant isn’t open, “Where can I get something to eat?!”  There are several dining options here in Mineral Point but not all are open every day.  Tony’s Tap and the Midway Tavern, both friendly bar and grills are.  In addition the Red Rooster, a virtual Mineral Point tradition is open for breakfast and lunch, and in the season, for early dinner every day.  Other restaurants include the Popolo Pizzaria, Tequila Point, Gray Dog Deli, and Zian’s Chinese restaurant.  Please check their web sites for exact hours.  Since the only constant in life is change, the dining scene may change at any moment. Go to the Mineral Point Chamber web site for up-to-date details. In Dodgeville, around 8-10 minutes away, there is Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ and Aztlan Mexican Grill.

Mineral Point shops open after 5:00 PM?

  • Generally only on special occasions, like Gallery Nights and Candlelight Shopping Night at Christmas. Stores staying open every day of the week, late into the evening is an urban phenomenon of recent origin. In the rural world of Mineral Point, where chains are few and far between, most businesses are mom and pop operations. Retailers close by 5:00 PM

What’s your lightest beer?

  • That would be Miller Lite in a bottle made by the good folks at South African Breweries / Miller Coors in Milwaukee. (I kid you not.) Most folks don’t know exactly what they mean by “light”. Light in Body? Flavor? Color? We always try to have a light colored beer, a dark one, and two or three in between. We always give samples.

Belgian Fries in Mineral Point?  How come?

  • We call them “Belgian Fries” mainly to distinguish them from your run of the mill frozen potato product masquerading as real fries. WE start with a real, fresh potato. the details on our menu.


  • The ones we make rhyme with “nasty”, but taste great They are fully compliant with the requirements of the Cornish Pasty Association, except they are not made in Cornwall, of course. Mineral Point + Cornish = PASTY! Please remember that the Pasty is humble working folk food. It will never be great cusine. You will have heard of the ones that rhyme with “tasty”. Totally different. We don’t do that kind of thing here.

Figgie Hobbin?

  • Its a kind of Cornish pastry dessert. In Cornwall raisins and currants were often referred to as figs, hence “figgy” in the name. You might remember in the Christmas song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” there is something about “figgy pudding”. Same thing. Basically, make a pastry crust with LARD and SUET, mix in raisins, roll it out to about 1/2 inch thick, roll that into a tube and bake. They usually put some kind of sauce on it. Check on line or in a cook book for more details. Oh, and we do not make it here

How far is it to….  ?

  • Spring Green / Taliesen / House on the Rock, American Players Theater, about 30-35 minutes North on Hwy 23: Mt Horeb, about 30 minutes East on Hwy 18/151: Madison West Side, 45 to 60 minutes East on Hwy 151: New Glarus about 30 minutes East on Hwy 39: Platteville, about 20 minutes South on Hwy 151: Dubuque Iowa, about 45 minutes South on Hwy 151: Galena Illinois, about 40 minutes South, various routes: That “OTHER” Mineral Point? Map Quest is so disappointing. We have tried for years to get them to remove the Phantom Mineral Point they claim is in Green County. Never was, never will be. I have even emailed them pictures of the cornfields where it is supposed to stand. Guess what? They are right and Brewery Creek is wrong. And THERE IT REMAINS. Maybe if they checked google maps?

What does Driftless mean?

  • It seems that all the sand, gravel and other stuff glaciers leave, while advancing or as they melt away is called “drift”.  For reasons no one really knows the glaciers never flattened this part of the world and so never left any “drift”, hense “driftless”.  The result, besides lack of sand and gravel pits is a very hilly terrain with ridges and valleys, also called “coulees”… but that’s another FAQ…”

Cell phone service?

  • ATT can be a problem. Sometimes T-Mobile is not good. The rest generally get good reception. Much of Mineral Point is located down in a valley. That and 3 foot thick stone walls mean some people have to go outside for reception.

Where are the mines?

  • First there was lead mining, then came zinc mining. Since miners tend not to fill their holes back up some people wonder where the old mines are. They were all around here, even under parts of Mineral Point itself. I have been told of mines in the area cavernous enough to turn a semi around. During the 2012 Library expansion a very large cavern was discovered. The fact is, unless you know where to look out in the country side there is not much to see. Mines you can actually go into still exist in Shullsburg, Platteville and Potosi. You’ll have to do some digging to get season and times of operation. (pun intended)

Dry martini please?

  • Every once in a while someone asks for a mixed drink and we have to decline. We are licensed to sell beer and wine which are “food” beverages. If you are planning to stay at Brewery Creek and that Martini is a sacred ritual feel free to bring your own fixings. OK by us, and legal too.