The Brewery Creek Inn

Here is the three story lime stone building on Commerce Street. We have five rooms located above the Brewpub Restaurant. Two on the second floor and three on the third. While the amenities are the similar, each has it’s own personality and appeal. Which room is best? That is for you to discover.

The Springside Cottage

Springside is perhaps the oldest operating guest house in Mineral Point. Built between 1843 and 1847 by Cornish merchant John Tregaskis it was renovated back in the 1940's by Bob Neil and Edgar Hellum to be a guest house for Pendarvis. They called it Newlyn House. This wonderful little house continues to welcome guests.

The Miners’ Cottage

Wonderful and quixotic. This stone Miners’ Cottage has been lived in continuously since it was built about 1836. Andrew Jackson ws still President when Cornish stone masons laid these walls. Now it is yours to enjoy!